Tandoori PIZZA - is where East meets West. Using only the finest and freshest ingredients. We have created a fusion between robust Indian spices and classic Italian flavours. All you need is just one bite to be hooked. Our fusion pies are made with little heat and lot of love.

Good Pizza Leads to Good Mood

We've been topping flatbreads with tasty ingredients. The dough is kneaded by hand and prepared from traditional types of flour, yeast, and salt. We have made it our priority to keep our food clean and healthy. Our workplace where the food is being processed, and the whole workforce comply with the food safety and hygiene practices.


A little something from the east and a little something from the west, our sole purpose remains to offer you the best. Growing up in the west while inheriting recipes that tie us to our roots, we've found a way to marry the two


The love for what we do, makes this vision a family affair. We put extra care, extra heart, and extra love into the smallest of details to get you the best pizza.


Our pizzas serve as an ode to inspiration. By putting a unique spin on the common pie, we inspire possibilities and the reimagination of flavors and ingredients.

How we started

After attaining my Bachelors from UC Davis, I realized that my true love lies in creating fusion pies! Being exposed to bold Indian flavors and delicious Italian pizzas from a young age, I have been intrigued by the idea of infusing the two together for years. I started out by bringing a few of my creations to family dinner parties. The next thing I knew, I was bringing my fusion pies to every party I attended. When my family suggested that I should turn my hobby into a business, I couldn't resist the idea. Come visit me in Dublin or Fremont or Union city or Tracy and try my creations at Tandoori Pizza.